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1. How I order online ?

Bendkopp is committed to help you through this webpage to find the products you want, at the best quality, at always right prices.

Choose your products

Using the Products page or the Bendkopp cautare produse button, navigate through the product categories and subcategories. Once you have found a product that suits your wishes, enter the desired quantity in the Order box and click "Add to Cart". Prices are displayed in lei without VAT. The minimum order is 40 lei (excluding VAT and shipping costs).

Bendkopp cautare produse

Bendkopp cautare produse

Bendkopp cumparaturi

Shopping cart

After you've put all the products you want to buy into the "Shopping Cart", go to the "Shopping Cart" page, where you can review the list of your products, update the quantity, or drop off one or all of the selected products. To add more products to the "Cart", you can return to the store by pressing the "Continue shopping" button.
If you have completed the "Cart" check, press the "Send order" button to continue.

Bendkopp trimite comanda

Delivery and payment

On this page you must enter the information necessary to complete the order, namely Billing Data, Delivery Address and choose the Delivery method and the payment method. All fields "Billing Data" must be filled in.
If "You are already a customer" you only have to enter your email address and password and your billing information will fill in automatically.
If the delivery address of your order differs from the billing address please choose the option "I want delivery to another address" and fill in the new delivery address here.
Checking the box "I agree with the terms and conditions of delivery" is mandatory.
If you still want to change something on the Shopping Cart page, click "Back". At the end, click on the "Finish order" button.

Bendkopp finalizare comanda

2. Information about the stock

Information on available stocks is displayed in the product list of each category or on the page of each product. The information is strictly related to the stock from our own warehouse and is updated once / hour, so there may be differences between the actual stock / price and the displayed one. Depending on availability, the possible statuses are:

  • in stock - the product is in the Bendkopp stock
  • on order - the product is available after order, within about 1-3 weeks. The exact delivery time will be communicated only by the consultant of sales by telephone or email (PROFORMA INVOICE).
Bendkopp info stoc

3. Methods of payment

Online with card

It is possible to make the payment online with your personal or business card, under complete security conditions.
Accepted payment cards are issued by VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (Mastercard and Maestro) active for online payment.
To finish the transaction, you must provide the card code (all numbers in the four groups on the front of the card, without spaces), the expiration date and the last three digits on the back of the card.
Regardless of the currency you have in your account, the transactions are made in lei, at the exchange rate of your bank. No additional transaction fee is charged.
To ensure the security of transactions, Bendkopp uses Credit Europe Bank. Card data processing is done exclusively on Credit Europe Bank servers. Bendkopp does not request or store any details regarding your card.

Payment order

Payment by Payment Order is made only on the basis of PROFORME INVOICE issued by Bendkopp , from any Bank.
The delivery of the goods is made after the payment confirmation, in the account below, of the proforma issued:
Company name: Sc. Bendkopp Electro SRL
Account: IBAN: RO28 FNNB 0033 0288 2622 RO01, CreditEurope Bank - Cluj-Napoca
VAT number: RO 6493820
The payment confirmation will be sent by e-mail to or by fax to 0264-455.515.
Attention !!! It is mandatory to make the payment with the same identification data with which you made the order.


You can pay for the products ordered in the Ramburs system by cash (when taking the parcel from the Courier). To be able to pay in the system, you only have to select the option during the issue of the order.
You must know that the payment of the Ramburs is subject to additional charges. These fees can be viewed in the chapter Delivery of orders.


Payment in cash is made in lei, in full, upon delivery or when picking up products from Bendkopp work points. The value of the products is the one from the moment of confirmation of the order by phone or by email (PROFORM INVOICE).
In the case of delivery of the products by the Courier, the payment will be made by the commissioner who makes the delivery.

POS bank card (only at Bendkopp Cluj - Shop)

When you choose to pick up the products from the Bendkopp Store, you can pay by bank card issued by VISA and MASTERCARD (including Maestro) through the existing POS terminal.

4. Delivery of orders

- Delivery of orders -

The products ordered are delivered throughout the country, using the method and delivery time chosen by you when placing the order.

Fast Courier Delivery (DRAGON STAR)

Tax for the first kg = 8 lei + VAT (9.60 lei VAT included)
Tax for additional kg / kg = 0.60 lei + VAT (0.72 lei VAT included)
Refund fee (if applicable) or refund in cash in the collector account= 9 lei
Deliveries are made between Monday and Friday.

Delivery through Bendkopp Distribution Team

Delivery fee regardless of quantity = 5 lei (VAT included)
Delivery fee for orders over 100 lei = free
This delivery method is currently only available in the Cluj metropolitan area (localities included Cluj-Napoca, Baciu, Florești, Apahida, Gilău, Căpușu Mare)

Lifting the order by the client

from the Store: Fabricii de chibrituri street,no. 6, Cluj-Napoca
from the store: Mon-Fri: 11:00-12:00 and 16:00-17:00.
from the Central Depot: DN1, Km 499 + 389m, Căpușu Mare, Cluj County
Monday – Friday : between 8 – 17 hours and Saturday between 9 – 13 hours
The ordered products can be picked up from the two working points of the company, only after receiving the order confirmation by telephone or by email (PROFORM INVOICE).

The total delivery time consists of:

1) Delivery term Bendkopp

It is the delivery time that runs from the moment you place your order and until the parcel is delivered to the courier.

  • - The existing products in stock can be delivered within the same day or within maximum 2 working days, the real time being conditioned by the time interval in which you placed the order, the type of payment you choose or the complexity of the order. More information can be requested from the sales staff.

  • - For the products that are brought on order, the delivery time varies between 1-3 weeks, being conditioned by the availability of the products to the suppliers. In the case of very special products, the delivery time can be extended over 30 working days.

  • For payments made through PO, the delivery term is from the moment of entering the money in the company account.

2) Delivery term Courier

It is the delivery term that runs from the moment your parcel leaves our company (is delivered to the courier) and until the courier delivers it to the indicated address.

  • The delivery time of the Courier is usually between 24 and 72 hours.

  • It is important to know that the delivery time Courier cannot be guaranteed by our company and we cannot be held responsible for its non-compliance.

5. Return policy

The request for a return is made by completing the return of goods form(Retur Marfă) within maximum 30 days from receiving the products in which you must motivate your intention and which are sent by fax to 0264-455.515 or by email to
As a result of this notification, you will receive a Return Number which must be presented when returning the product directly to the Bendkopp office as well as the return of the product by courier, and in the shortest time you will be informed about the decision to accept / not accept your return request.
When returning products you will no longer be able to request the return of money.
You will have to choose another product instead of the one returned. The return and transport costs for the replacement product are borne by the Customer. Please do not send the product by the RAMBURS system, as any product sent to this system will be returned without notice.

It is possible to request the return of the products delivered for the following situations:

  • Product not in accordance with the specifications on the site:

    If the ordered product proves to be not in accordance with the specifications in our offer, you may request its return for replacement. If the replacement with a higher value product is agreed upon, you will pay the difference up to the value of the replacement product.

  • Non-functional products within the first 24 hours of reception or packages showing deterioration:

    -If the product received is not working within the first 24 hours after the actual reception, pick up from the Bendkopp headquarters or reception at home by courier - you can advertise this and request the return of the product within this period, in order to replace it with a new product.

For products whose packages show visible damage upon receipt by courier, we recommend that you refuse their receipt.

  • Products that were delivered to you incorrectly or delivered in a smaller / larger quantity:

    -If you have been delivered a product other than the one ordered or you have been delivered the wrong quantity, please indicate this as soon as possible to return the product and be replaced with the correct one. All return and shipping costs of the correct product will be borne by Bendkopp.

  • Defective products during warranty period

    -Products that present defects during the warranty period will be returned to the Bendkopp Presentation Store in Cluj-Napoca to be sent later to the specialized services.
    The term of commercial guarantee is the one specified in the guarantee certificate.
    The transport of the defective products from and to the service is supported by the company.
    For more information please call the Sales Department Bendkopp: Cluj-Napoca, Fabricii de Chibrituri Street, Nr. 6-8, Zip code 400254 Tel.: 0264-455.515, Email:


In all the above cases, with the exception of defects during the warranty period, the products must be returned as they were received, in the original packaging and accompanied by all the accessories and original documents. Deterioration of products or placing them in a non-marketable condition leads to the refusal of return.

6. Frequently asked questions

You can read our most frequently asked questions and answers here:

I read about a product on the page and when I returned the price / availability changed. Why?

A: The information on this page is changed daily. This change includes both prices and stocks. As the information is changed automatically, there may be differences in price and stocks seen now and / or later.

How does the search system work?

A: To find a product you must use the Products menu and navigate through the product categories. The "Product Search" search system allows you to search for any information field on which page the information is located. This way you can find much more, much easier.

If I want to buy something from the site, is my debit / credit card information safe?

A: The information about your card is not stored in Bendkopp but in one of the most recognized electronic payment processors in Romania. The answer is yes, your data is safe.

Once you find out my email address is it common practice to send me unsolicited messages?

A: We, from Bendkopp Electro Srl. we do not send unsolicited messages and we are against these practices.

How can I pay for the placed order?

A: Our company offers several payment options. Please refer to the Payment Methods chapter for information on available options.

Can you deliver the order to another address too?

A: Yes. You can also enter another delivery address and another payer. This way your order will reach who you want and pay the specified one.

If I placed an order, can I change something in it?

A: The order once launched is automatically sent to the E-commerce department where it is picked up, so in some cases the answer will be no.

If I have a problem or if I am not satisfied with a purchased product what can I do?

A: You can request our support by email at or by phone at 0264-455.515 - E-commerce department.
If you are not satisfied with the product purchased, please refer to the return conditions and the steps to follow in the Product Returns chapter.

What are your delivery methods?

A: Please read the costs and delivery methods in the section Delivery of orders.

I placed an order for 3 days and I have no answer?

A: Normally during the week our response should reach you within a maximum of 1 day. On weekends and on national holidays, your order is not processed. If there is a delay during the week, this may be due to a problem with the availability of your product or the e-mail address (possibly we cannot send you information, wrong box, full box, etc.). We suggest you contact us at our phone number 0264-455.515 - E-commerce department.

I would like more information about a product?

A: To receive additional information about a product, please contact us by email at containing the product description according to the product catalog (Standard, Quality, Coverage and Size) and the type of information requested.

If I place an order on the weekend when I will receive the products?

A: Monday morning orders go into processing. If the products are in stock you will receive the proforma invoice the same day and the products will be sent the same day, and you will receive them on Tuesday.

Can I order so that the delivery time is fixed?

A: Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. Orders are delivered through a third-party company, with delivery schedule declared on Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm.

What happens if the product received is hit or missing something from the parcel or not delivered what I asked for? What is the deadline for notifying a problem?

A: Any error should be reported to Bendkopp by email ( or by phone (0264-455.515). In order to prevent any inconvenience, please help us by not taking a parcel until you have verified its integrity, and if anything seems suspicious, make a report with the courier so that the problem can be solved more easily. The announcement deadline for a problem is 24 hours. Missing from the parcel: The notification period is 48 hours. Incorrect delivery: The notification period is 48 hours. After the deadlines specified above, we do not accept complaints regarding these issues.

What is the schedule of the two working points?

A: We open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm only at the warehouse in Căpuș. The orders for which you have chosen "Lifting the order by the customer" can be ascended to the two work points of the company within the mentioned time interval, specifying: from the store: Mon-Fri: 11: 00-12: 00 and 16: 00-17: 00. We do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays and on Holidays.

What if I can't check the contents of the parcel at the destination?

A: In this case, please sign the Transport Letter with "NOT VERIFIED". If you do not mark the document in this way you may lose the right to complain.

I have problems with the authentication on the website?

A: Send an email to

What if the Courier company lost my parcel?

A: Let us know as soon as you know. Do not take partial deliveries or sign the difference report. The situation will be verified by us and resolved within about 3 working days.

By agreeing with the above, the visitor assumes all these risks.